Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Second badge- Field Sports

1. Warm Up:

It is very important to warm up before you begin to exercise!
See the videos!
Warm Up-

Pick up the pace-

Cool Down:

Stretch out:

2. Play Ball:

I played soccer for 2 seasons. I like playing soccer because you have to run alot. I like running. I dislike defense because you do not get to run very much.I improved myself by giving more effort and practicing. My goal for getting better is to play for a lot of my life and playing with my friends.

6. The Right Stuff:

Soccer Ball
*Shin gaurds*
teamates and the people you are versing
*long socks*
The SHIN GAURDS are made the way they are to protect your shins from getting broken.Or you would get kicked and it would hurt.CLEATS are made with grips on the bottom so you wont slip and fall when you stop quick. The NET is held in place by the frame so it will not blow away or when you kick a ball through it the net will keep it in the net.
The Cleats are maintained by keeping them clean and by putting them in a safe place when you are finished with them. Shin guards are kept clean and stored safely. The net is maintained by making sure children do not hang on it or the frame in order to keep it in good working order.

8. Work it Girl!
I interviewed my grandmother who is a retired PE Teacher.
Here are the interview questions:
What do you like about your job?
The best part about my job was that I met new kids every year. I got to teach PE to students that went on to participate in college and beyond in sports. I got to encourage and help the students that did not have a natural talent for sport to learn what sport they could enjoy not just in my class or in school but for a lifetime.
what training did you go through?
I studied an academic program in high school. In college I received a BS degree in Health and Physical Education. After college I taught for 34 years. Throughout that time I took additional college classes as well as in-service training to keep up to date on the teaching of the different sports and athletic activities I taught.
what advice do you have for me?
If you really want to do something in sports, always learn as much as you can. Listen to your coach. Try your hardest to be the best that you can be and do not be discouraged if there are others better than you are. Always show good sportmanship in everything you do. Respect each individual and his/her abilities. Watch and learn. Do not criticize others.
what was your favor sport?
My favorite team sport was Volleyball
and my favorite individual sport was Gymnastics. I was not particularly good in either, but I loved them both. I still enjoy playing Volleyball. I enjoy watching competition in each.

9. Team up to win:
My favorite team was the cougars.
The three successful skills were:
1. Good Passing
2. Shooting
3. Running
I will work on shooting. I need to improve my scoring skills.

10. Be a fan:

I picked my mom. She played volleyball on a college scholarship. My mom is a good role model because she was very atheletic and she helps me with my sports skills. This is why I chose my mom!