Sunday, May 24, 2009

Badge: Being My Best!

1. Set a goal and Reach it!
My long term goal is to earn the bronze award.
In order to meet this goal I am going to complete at least one badge a week, complete the four signs badges, have monthly meetings with my mom to go over my progress, and begin a neighborhood watch program.

2. Name your talents!
I am good at:
being a good friend
getting good grades
being a good class citizen
story writing
playing with my baby brother
girl scouts
empty dishwasher
video games
being a patrol
following rules
taking pictures
playing school
cleaning up
working on computer
3. Keep a journal!
I have begun to keep a daily journal. I write my thoughts, things I stress about, how I am feeling and other things I have to do for badges in it. I like to write!

5. Think Positively!
List Negative thoughts Positive Thoughts Instead
a. I am going to fail a math test. I am going to try my best.
b. I don't want to do my chores now. I will do them, then I can play.
c. I don't think I will be allowed I will ask if I can go to my friends
to go to my friends. house.
d. I hate my brother. My brother gets on my nerves but I still
love him.
e. Do I have to? I will do it.
f. I did bad on my picture. I tried my best on my picture.
g. I am not a good writer. I do all I learn in my writing.
h. My blanket isn't pretty. My blanket might not be pretty but it is
I. I do not have cool clothes. I like my clothes on me.
j. I hate dogs. I love dogs.

8. Feeling Fit to be your best!
Completed page 116 in the girl scout handbook.
When it comes to eating food, it is best to eat a variety of foods!

9. Good Deed!
My family loves to eat corn muffins. I love making corn muffins! I make them and clean up after because it is easy. At the very end, I take them out of the pan. I bring them to the table. Most of all, I enjoy it!