Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Mom's Turn to Encourage and Boast

Girl Scouts...I love it for Jayda. So many FUN things have gone on this year...with so many more to come. After spending a great deal of time involved in reading her manuals and watching her over this past year, what a wonderful opportunity for her to have as a young girl growing up! I suppose I appreciate it more now that I am the "mother". But way back when...I was a girl scout drop out. I suppose I would have rather run out into the neighborhood and played.
Jayda loves to do things with me and always asks to play a game or something else together. This gives us a great deal of time to do things together!
You will notice that Jayda only worked on two badges outside of the scouting events and yet still accomplished 12 badges total this year! She also participated in alot of other activities which she received patches for completing. These are all on the back of her vest. Jayda also completed her Junior aide badge and community service pin. I look forward to seeing what she does this coming year!
She recently celebrated her awards ceremony followed up with a fun sleepover!
Here is Jayda receiving her awards!

Yesterday, Jayda and I participated in a Memorial Day preparation volunteer opportunity at the local cemetery. We were placing flags on all of the veterans graves. It was an honor to take part in this and to have the opportunity to reflect on the freedoms we have thanks to these veterans! Immediately after this activity, we headed over to a nursing home where the girl scouts participated in a craft with some women from the home. They were all girl scout leaders themselves at one time!

Again, I am looking forward to more exciting times for Jayda and I through the girl scouts!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jayda! I know you've worked so hard to earn all your badges...and soooo many of them,too. I was so impressed seeing your scout vest. Hugs and love, Peggy