Sunday, May 24, 2009

SIGN: The Sign of the Star

1. Try something new. Earn a badge in a topic that you know nothing about or that teaches you a brand new skill.

I completed the Money Sense Badge. See the completed Badge Activities HERE! Click on the word HERE!

2. Boost your self esteem! Do at least 4 activities from the following badges. Jayda completed two of these badges...completing 6 activities for each! Adding to that the 2 others.
The badges are:
Click the name of the badge to go to those completed badge activities.
A Healthier You
Being my Best
Looking my Best Activity 2 and Activity 8.

3. Show off your Talents!
What I did:
I have picked up the art of scrapbooking, my mom has taught me how to scrapbook.
I will demonstrate it to my troop.
What I learned:
I learned about color choices, where to place pictures, and how to embellish a page to create a work of art.

4. Complete 2 activities from "It's Great to Be a Girl" chapter of the handbook.
What I did:
1. I finished the "who I am now" pages of the handbook, pgs. 42-43.
2. I read pages 46-47 in the handbook all about feelings. I did the "Stress Less" Badge to go along with this activity. See the Stress Less Badge HERE!!!
What I learned:
I learned to find the good things inside of me, all feelings are okay and normal, and found new ways to deal with feelings.

5. Complete an activity from I completed three activities from this website because it was so much fun!
What I did:
1. I took the girl scout history quiz. I scored 4/6.
2. I made a Uniquely Me collage on the website and printed it off.
3. I completed the Girl Scout Challenge to earn the Junior Scout Challenge Award, I want that necklace.(See my handbook for the challenge.)
What I learned:
I learned more about the girl scout law and how to use it in my life.